Profiles and online marketing

The platform, that is a part of, aims to support you and your company to the fullest extent. This way you can focus on what truly matters: the work that you’re specialised in. We help SMEs and freelancers in two ways: the profiles on our website and our online marketing services. In the future we hope to add more services to lessen other burdens that you encounter as a company owner, like for example the time you spend on administration.

Our profiles

Companies that are registered on can choose between three different types of profiles, one of which is free-of-charge. This way we keep the platform open to everyone.

Basic Profile (free)

The basic profile is the free option on our platform. If you use our basic profile you are limited to only showing your company’s address, phone number and you can add one picture and a company description. Basic profiles will not be highlighted in the search results and  will have visible advertisements from Google. This option is best suited when you want more online visibility, but don’t necessarily want to compete with the other companies on

Complete Profile (£10 a year)

Our complete profile is an expansion of the basic profile. For just £10 a year (excluding VAT) you can add your company logo, a link to your website and multiple pictures. More importantly, your profile will always be placed higher in the search results than the basic profiles on our website. Profiles with a complete profile will also be entirely ad-free.

Top profile (£90 a year)

If you really want to highlight your company, our top profile should be your choice. For £90 a year (excluding VAT), you get all of the perks that the basic and complete profile have with some additions. Not only will your company be shown above basic and complete profiles in our search results, but your company will also appear in the spotlight section on our homepage. Last but not least, your profile will be shown in our search results in a 50 mile radius around your company location.

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Our online marketing services

Klik-info was made by a Dutch internet company, specialised in developing complex software, with its own dedicated and experienced marketing department. A few years ago, we decided to use our expertise in marketing to also help our customers. We find it important that our services are accessible to all of our customers. By standardising and (where possible) automating our services, we keep our prices low and our services easily accessible.

Since the launch of our marketing services, we have been able to help more than 100 companies in their quest to gaining more visibility online. We write SEO company descriptions, web pages or blogs, can give advice on the use of social media profiles, help with Google Analytics and manage advertising campaigns in Google Ads. Don’t have a website yet? Or could your website use a touch-up? We can help you by developing a new user-friendly website or adding new content that speaks to your audience.

Want to know more?

Do you have any questions about our company, our platform, or the marketing service that we offer? Feel free to contact us via